Rooms Casa da Glória
  • Address:  R. do Bosque, Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil
  • Phone:  +5573988256550
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These two “twin” suites are located in the closest part of the house to the Quadrado. A winter garden in the bathroom will give this home a tropical look.

Both are equipped with all the comforts that will provide you with an incredible stay. The privacy of the suites is guaranteed by a private balcony on the fronts of the rooms.

Suite Size: 20m2


If that Suite spoke, it could count the countless births that took place in that one. In that same room Dona da Gloria used to give birth to hundreds of newborns. Undergoing a recent renovation, it still has the typical features of the past. Wonderful energy from that room!

Suite Size: 25m2


Located in the backyard where every Sunday a delicious feijoada is served, the Aurora Suite can accommodate up to three people. Spacious and cozy, a private balcony with a hammock will be the ideal space to take a rest to the sound of the birds.

Suite Size: 35m2


Come here, is there anything better to open the door of your suite and find a secular Pé de Jaca? Located in the backyard next to the pool, the Fisherman reflects the old fishermen's houses of Trancoso.

Suite Size: 25m2