• Address:  R. do Bosque, Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil
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Dona Glória and Seu João Grande

Dona Glória and Seu João Grande

The story of midwife Dona Maria da Gloria and fisherman Seu João Grande could be summed up in two simple words: Love and Simplicity.

Natives of this wonderful land, Dona Gloria has always been a reference for the old town of Trancoso. Without charging any fee, at a time when resources were very limited, Dona Gloria performed throughout her life as a midwife. It was through her hands that the former inhabitants of the village came to light. The capabilities of this incredible woman, enhanced by ancient techniques and supported by a mystical faith, managed to make each delivery performed by her work.

And after delivery, that seasoned with herbs and liqueurs to welcome the newborn. What a wonderful time !!

Mr. Joao Grande, fisherman, man of great faith and charisma. With a wooden canoe made by himself, every day he leaves early on the high seas. Equipped with a simple fisherman's net, every time he returned it was plentiful.

After a well-deserved rest, in the afternoon he used to sit at the table in front of the house, the famous table for the elderly, where he told those old stories and legends.

This incredible couple was one of the columns of the old community of Trancoso and their values ​​were inherited by their sons and daughters who with great love and simplicity are keeping alive the legacies that they left us in earthly life.

That's why we say that staying at Casa da Gloria is not a simple stay, but an experience that will make you feel in an original and typically true Trancoso Quadrado!